The Case Against Crypto

Stephen Diehl erklärt mit Blick in die Geschichts­bücher sehr anschaulich, was das Problem mit Crypto­currencies ist und warum man die Finger von Bitcoin & Co. lassen sollte:

Crypto coins are simply speculative gambling products that only create a massive set of negative externalities on the world. It is introducing artificial volatility into markets untethered to any economic activity and creates an enormous opportunity cost where the only investment opportunity is as an economically corrosive synthetic hedge against all productive assets. This is not innovation, this is technical regression and flirtation with ecological disaster in a time when we cannot afford to gamble our planet’s fate on pyramid schemes and dog memes.

[Crypto] cannot create or destroy real money because unlike a stock there is no underlying company that generates income. So if you sell your crypto and make a profit in dollars, it’s exactly because a greater fool bought it at a higher price than you did. So every dollar that comes out of a cryptocurrency is because a later investor put a dollar in. […] For every winner there are guaranteed to be multiple losers.

Ich habe meine Cryptocurrencies aus genau diesem Grund und wegen der katastrophalen Ökobilanz vor einem Jahr abgestoßen.

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