Twitter has 330 million monthly active users and 166 million daily active users.

Elon Musk had 117 million followers, when he started a poll to ask if Donald Trump’s account should be reinstated. He claimed that 134 million people saw this poll.

But only 15 million users voted in the poll, which they didn’t know was coming. That’s only 4,5% of all Twitter users, only 12,8% of Musks followers and only 11,2% of all people who saw this.

“The people have spoken.”

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  1. @eay I think he was going to let him back on regardless. The poll was just a rugged way to enable him to claim it was voted for “by the people”

  2. @eay well if they can’t be bothered to click on a link they don’t care. Kind of like elections IRL.

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