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Dir gefällt, was ich hier tue? Du kaufst gerne bei Jeff Bezos ein? Dann empfehle ich dir meinen Amazon-Partnerlink und einen Blick in meine Wunschliste für Ideen zum Geld ausgeben.

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  1. @eay I’ve had Inauguration Day on my list since November 8. Marked with a 🎉 of course.

    I’m a fan of Yonks! I don’t check it frequently but I like seeing the progress when I do.

  2. @eay Nice app! I could see it’s only 69 days until the EU is 10k days old.

  3. von Yonks am 09.01.2021
  4. @odd Yep, I added the EU counter after removing the Brexit countdown. Thought some European positivity would be nice. 🙂

  5. @jean Thanks again for using Yonks. ☺️ I feel the same way about using it and that’s the initial reason why there are no notifications. I wanted it to be some quite little app, that people enjoy when they are opening it and seeing the progress on their counters and milestones. 🙂