Speaking of content subscriptions: I’ve also just subscribed to Club MacStories. Long-time fan of their extensive app and OS reviews, as well as their presented Shortcuts and tips. How fitting that Federico and John shared useful Shortcuts for my favorite todo-app Things in the first issue I’ve read.

My only criticism: I have the smallest subscription tier and am regularly confronted with the upselling of the higher, more expensive tiers. I understand why there are often multiple paid tiers, but I’m not a fan of it – especially in SaaS products – because it gives the impression that the smaller, paying customers are less valued.1

  1. The project management tool Asana, which we used ourselves until recently, is a good negative example of this: 10,99 Euro per user per month in „Premium“, but if you now want to use a minimum of the more advanced „Business“ features, it costs 24,99 Euro. Why not just one subscription with all features for 16,99 Euro, in which I don’t get the feeling that I’m missing out something or aren’t as valuable as the „Business“ users? []
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