A lot of my affection for Twitter comes from it‘s early & rich ecosystem of great third-party apps: Twitterrific was the first one, Echofon my first app love, Tweetie had a superb design and even invented pull-to-refresh, YoruFukurou had an outstanding desktop keyboard navigation, while Birdhouse saved our tweet drafts. Tweetbot brought Twitter clients to perfection.

I love that there’s resemblance of that with Mastodon. The official one is good, but Toot, Tootle, Mast, Mastoot (yes, these are their real names) and Metatext are even better. And new, promising apps like Mammoth are being developed right now. Exciting app times!

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Dir gefällt, was ich hier tue? Dann sieh dir vielleicht auch mal Yonks an, eine Day Counter-App zum Verfolgen von Meilen­steinen, die ich für iOS und Android entwickelt habe.

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  1. @eay It looks as though Tapbots and The Iconfactory might be working on clients, or at least exploring the possibility.