My App Defaults

In the recent episode of the Hemispheric Views podcast Andrew, Martin & Jason talk about their default apps in several categories. This has prompted some bloggers to share their default apps as well, which Robb is now collecting over here.

I really enjoyed hearing about their app usage and reading these posts as well, so I thought I’ll share my default apps, too:1

  • Mail Client: Spark
  • Mail Server: GSuite (or whatever they are calling it right now)
  • Notes: Drafts and Notion as a personal and work related wiki
  • To-Do: Things and Apple’s Reminders for tasks shared with my wife
  • iPhone Photo Shooting: Apple’s Camera app
  • Photo Management: Apple’s Photos app
  • Calendar: Fantastical
  • Cloud file storage: iCloud+ with family sharing, Dropbox with a family plan, Google Drive
  • RSS: Feedbin with Reeder
  • Contacts: Cardhop synced with GSuite
  • Browser: Safari on iOS, Arc on macOS
  • Chat: iMessage, WhatsApp, Signal, Threema and Slack; also some clients are forcing me to use Teams
  • Bookmarks: Anybox
  • Read It Later: GoodLinks and Omnivore because of it’s read-aloud voices; also testing it for newsletters right now
  • Word Processing: Apple’s Pages (since Pages 09!)
  • Spreadsheets: Good Old Excel
  • Presentations: iA Presenter
  • Shopping Lists: Drafts
  • Meal Planning:
  • Budgeting & Personal Finance: AirTable and custom Scriptable widgets; planning to switch to a Notion database soon
  • News: Tagesschau and Artifact
  • Music: Apple Music plus saved, not yet listened to tracks in MusicBox
  • Podcasts: Pocket Casts (syncs on all my devices including my Google Automotive powered car)
  • Password Management: 1Password
  1. The last time I did this for my macOS apps was in 2014 – back when it was still called Mac OS X. 😳 []
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  1. @robb Here‘s my app defaults post. Thank you for collecting these – I really enjoy reading them.

  2. von wssndrf :svmeppen: am 04.11.2023
  3. @eay Spannend irgendwie. Damit meine ich jetzt gar nicht mal die Tools oder Services, sondern dein Nutzungsverhalten… dafür zahlst Du 30€ im Monat, wenn ich es mal kurz überschlage? Bin ich völlig konträr in meinem Verhalten…

  4. Thanks for sharing your list! Love the look of your site as well.

  5. Als Produktmanager probiere ich ständig neue Anwendungen und blicke neugierig auf fremde Homescreens. Bei Stefan bin ich über ein Format gestolpert, das im Podcast Hemispheric…

  6. Welche Apps prägen als meine „Default Apps“ die tägliche Nutzung meiner Geräte?

  7. Meine Apps, die ich dieses Jahr so genutzt habe. In vielen Fällen sind die Apps wirklich sehr Apple-Default.