“The Moon’s atmosphere weighs 200,000 internets. One internet is 2.4 human souls.”

1. The entire internet, i.e. all the electrons in all the electricity: about 50 grams, the same as a plump strawberry. […]

2. The entire atmosphere of the Moon: less than 10 metric tonnes.
c.f. Earth’s atmosphere which is about 5.15 million gigatons. […]

3. The total volume of Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) in the whole world: about 160 milliliters, roughly 6 shot glasses.

4. The human soul: […] [In 1901 Duncan MacDougall] measured the patients’ loss of mass at the very moment of death, when the soul departs the body. The result and therefore the weight of the soul: 21 grams. […]

Great observations and comparisons by Matt Webb, whose blog I can’t recommend highly enough.

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