Short Trip

Short Trip is the first instalment in a collection of interactive illustrations created for the web. It has been created as a study into capturing the essence of graphite on paper within a digital context, and to learn more about web-based graphics technologies. Short Trip will run on most devices supporting WebGL, including mobile devices.

Sehr tolle und beeindruckende Arbeit von Alexander Perrin. (via Waxy)


Jordan Eldredge hat Winamp 2 in HTML5 und JavaScript nachgebaut. Funktioniert überraschend gut (soweit ich das mit der mitgelieferten MP3-Datei testen konnte, weil sich herausstellte, dass ich 2017 nur noch auf Streaming setze und keine lokalen MP3-Dateien mehr am Mann habe). Jetzt noch ne Electron-App draus bauen und wir haben unser aller Lieblingsplayer wieder. 😎

Matt Mullenweg: On React and WordPress

Interesting development in the WordPress community: After creating it’s modern, React-based Calypso interface in 2015, Automattic and the WordPress team are now parting ways with React, because of a patent issue in it’s license. They are going to rewrite their upcoming Gutenberg editor with a new, yet to be chosen JavaScript framework, which then should become the new standard for WordPress.

While Preact, a lightweight React alternative with the same API, would be the obvious replacement, a majority of the community prefers a switch to Vue.js. An opinion I highly support. I had the opportunity to learn and work with Vue.js in my day job and for shortfil.ms 2.0 in the last couple of months and I’m hooked. I think it’s right up WordPress‘ alley, because it’s an easy to learn, yet powerful framework and could be a perfectly fitting foundation for modern front-end development with WordPress in the years to come.

TL;DR: +1 for Vue.js

What Comes Next Is the Future

A documentary film about the web created by Bearded founder Matt Griffin. It is the story of Tim Berners-Lee’s creation – how it came to be, where it’s been, and where it’s going – as told by the people who build it.

Nette, einstündige Dokumentation über die Geschichte des World Wide Web. Mit vielen bekannten Gesichtern, wenn man sich in der Webentwicklungs- und vor allem Frontend-Szene herumtreibt. Hier die offizielle Webseite.

„You know what? Fuck Drop Downs.“

(YouTube Direktlink)

Unterhaltsamer SXSW-Talk von Eric Campbell und Golden Krishna:

Our relationship with technology survives on old form field mechanisms. While they provide a way for us to tell our tech what to do, they also provide yet another annoying and unnecessary hoop for the consumer to jump through before reaching his destination. Join us for the conversation that marks the beginning of the death of dropdowns.

Ich arbeite derzeit an shortfil.ms 2.0 und frage mich da auch, wie ich die Genre-Auswahl der Discovery-Tools optimieren kann. (Wenn jemand ne Idee hat, gerne melden: Tausche Ideen gegen Kölsch. 😉)