Threads: The inside story of Meta’s newest social app

From Meta’s engineering blog. At least they continue to talk explicitly about ActivityPub and the Fediverse. However, no mention of the EU launch.

Our goal with Threads is to make social content as interoperable as email. We are working on the ability for Threads to integrate with ActivityPub, the open, decentralized social networking protocol.

My ultimate hope for Threads is that it becomes the zeitgeist of the internet.

(via Matt)

Shuttlecraft – Self-hosted, single user „instance“ for Fediverse compatible micro-blogging

It’s a small, „easy to host“ web app that contains almost everything you need to host your own personal „instance“ of a federated ActivityPub server. Your shuttlecraft hosts your social media identity, along with the tools to post, follow, and interact with other people on any other compatible service like Mastodon, GoToSocial, and others.

Ben Brown is building a single-user „instance“, which is relatively easy to host with Node.js.

That’s exactly the kind of software the Fediverse is missing, I think and said already: Make it as easy as WordPress to install a single-user Fediverse agent and (tech-savvy) people who don’t want to depend on an unknown Mastodon instance admin will start doing it.