Make Something Wonderful

Close-up of the book cover of Make Something Wonderful, held by me.

Ok, somehow I managed to get a copy of „Make Something Wonderful“ by The Steve Jobs Archive, which is currently going for $200-500 on eBay, for 86 Euros. 🥳

If you didn’t take a look already, here’s the wonderful digital version of the book, which is not available in stores, but was only given to selected Apple and Pixar employees. And here’s a detailed look by Arun Venkatesan at the physical and digital book.

Cool to have this at home now.

Podcast: Chip Kidd über sein ikonisches Cover-Design für »Jurassic Park«

Designer Chip Kidd got a dream assignment: Create an iconic book cover for a soon-to-be-blockbuster: Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park. And when the pressure to perform is that high, it’s easy to get creatively paralyzed. Spark & Fire follows Chip on his journey in and out of stuck-ness as he creates one of the best-known book covers of the 20th century.

Eines meiner Lieblingsstücke in meinem Arbeitszimmer ist ein von Chip Kidd signierter Print seines ikonischen »Jurassic Park«-Designs. Kein Winder also, dass mich dieser 30 minütige Podcast sehr interessierte, in dem Kidd erzählt, wie er den Auftrag, das Cover für den bevor­stehenden Bestseller zu gestalten, angegangen ist – und was er von der Re-Interpretation seines Designs für den Film hält.