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Dir gefällt, was ich hier tue? Du kaufst gerne bei Jeff Bezos ein? Dann empfehle ich dir meinen Amazon-Partnerlink und einen Blick in meine Wunschliste für Ideen zum Geld ausgeben.

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  1. @eay Neither are mine. 😢

  2. @eay Exactly the reason why I don’t blog as much as I would really like to. Posting updates to the abyss and they’re not being heard by the people that I would most like to hear them

  3. @odd None of my IRL friends blog either (they may be on Twitter though), but I really think they should. They clearly have stuff to say, as they post links to news articles in a Slack we’re in. When I see them do that I think “this is a perfect thing to post to a micro blogging site.” (Although if that’s all they will post, I probably wouldn’t follow them.)

  4. @lmika Maybe we could get a group of Micro.Bloggers to “Make them an offer they cannot refuse”?

  5. @odd 😄

  6. @eay but you can always more new friends. 🙂

  7. @eay sooo true. They really really dont. Its a shame as well because it would be fun.

  8. @MadeinSpareTime forget them! You blog for you.

  9. @kaa ❤️❤️❤️

  10. It is true that most of my friends don’t, themselves, blog…but enough of them participate in mine – either publicly or privately – that it definitely makes it worth my while. That said, I REALLY wish more of them would do it!

  11. @eay True.

  12. Nutz die Plattform Deiner Wahl. Schreib worüber du magst. Mach es lesbar für Menschen. Unabhängig von Plattformen. Updates können abonniert und gelesen werden. Nix geht im Werbefluss unter. Aber was machen deine Freunde? The should blog!

    You should blog!

    You should blog. Yes, you. It’s really easy to get started. Use whatever platform you want. And you can subscribe to all your friends‘ updates too. True. Except that your friends don’t blog.

    🔗: You should blog. –