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Dir gefällt, was ich hier tue? Dann sieh dir vielleicht auch mal Yonks an, eine Day Counter-App zum Verfolgen von Meilen­steinen, die ich für iOS und Android entwickelt habe.

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  1. @eay Neither are mine. 😢

  2. @eay Exactly the reason why I don’t blog as much as I would really like to. Posting updates to the abyss and they’re not being heard by the people that I would most like to hear them

  3. @odd None of my IRL friends blog either (they may be on Twitter though), but I really think they should. They clearly have stuff to say, as they post links to news articles in a Slack we’re in. When I see them do that I think “this is a perfect thing to post to a micro blogging site.” (Although if that’s all they will post, I probably wouldn’t follow them.)

  4. @lmika Maybe we could get a group of Micro.Bloggers to “Make them an offer they cannot refuse”?

  5. @odd 😄

  6. @eay but you can always more new friends. 🙂

  7. @eay sooo true. They really really dont. Its a shame as well because it would be fun.

  8. @MadeinSpareTime forget them! You blog for you.

  9. @kaa ❤️❤️❤️

  10. It is true that most of my friends don’t, themselves, blog…but enough of them participate in mine – either publicly or privately – that it definitely makes it worth my while. That said, I REALLY wish more of them would do it!

  11. @eay True.

  12. CaptainPudding hat diese Kurzmitteilung auf erwähnt.