A Time-Lapse Map of Every Death From the Coronavirus Pandemic

(YouTube Direktlink)

This is an audio-visual time-lapse of every death from the Coronavirus pandemic from January to June 2020. […] Each country is represented by a tone and an expanding blip on the map when a death from Covid-19 is recorded. Each day is 4 seconds long, and at the top of the screen is the date and a counter showing the total numbers of deaths.

Eine sehr eindringliche, bedrückende Arbeit vom Komponisten James Beckwith, die in 13 Minuten alle Coronavirus-bedingten Tode von Anfang Januar bis Ende Juni visualisiert und auditiv erlebbar macht. Und von der es wohl leider eine Fortsetzung geben wird:

The virus grows continuing to work its way throughout the world until the end of June – where this piece ends but the real virus has not. At the time of writing this Covid-19 has claimed over 500,000 deaths worldwide. It is likely a sequel will need to be made.

(via Kottke)