#photoblogging challenge

📷 Photoblogging Challenge, Day 27: Pompasetting (showing off) my extraordinary taste in beer and entertainment. 😉

📷 Photoblogging Challenge, Day 25: Empty Hypercode office – exactly one year (!) after we voluntarily went into home office, because one of our colleagues got flu symptoms (he was ok). Since then all the code & magic happens at our homes! 🪄💻

📷 Photoblogging Challenge, Day 23: Oh Banana Joe, @ohBananaJoe!

Because of today’s prompt I got the idea to replay »Slaps & Beans«. Despite the mediocre gameplay, it’s a really nice nostalgia trip, if you’re into Bud Spencer & Terence Hill movies. Especially in co-op.

📷 Photoblogging Challenge, Day 20: Best weather here near Cologne (which you can see on the horizon) today. Almost 30 degrees Celsius warmer than last week.